Welcome to the Propshoot website

So after a false start with an earlier website and a few days of work, Propshoot now has its shiny new website up and running.

When designing it we were after a simple hub that showcases our photography, gives some descriptions of what we do and who we are, links up to all our social media sites and of course hosts this blog.  

For the look, it was definitely a case of 'keep it simple'. The text and background are very simple to help the colourful photos stand out and do all the talking.  Navigation is very simple too, just enough pages that are necessary and no wasted clutter. 

To build the website we used a company called Squarespace.  They offer great templates to start with, have a great price and are very easy to work with. It is basically all drag and drop, no coding needed! 

A big feature we liked is that the website works on all devices and auto configures to suit each device. So it works perfectly on smart phones and tablets as well as the good old desktop, which we thought was very important in today's modern world. 

So have a look at it here or click the home button above and let us know what you think. We look forward to your feedback.